Mowdo App Prototype

The Uber of lawncare

In 2014, I teamed up with Mowdo to help them create a prototype in order to validate their idea and help them pitch to investors. Mowdo was taking part in Lincoln’s very own “Demo Day” and believed that rapid prototyping a proof-of-concept would give them a leg up in their goal of generating money and interest. We identified a variety of features that would give users an end-to-end experience in the mobile app. We designed over 35 screen states that were stitched together for a presentation.

Mowdo has gone on to raise over 125k in funding and over $500,000 in requests. They have since attracted talent and compiled a team in order to continue evolving their product. Below is their Demo Day pitch:

Best Demo Day Pitch: Mowdo from Mowdo on Vimeo.

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