Yellow Red Wait Green Repeat

A conceptual book. A metaphor. A memoire.

Cale’s car slowed to a halt and as we sat at the red light he pronounced, “Yellow, red, wait, green, repeat. That’s your life. Yellow, red, wait… green, repeat.” That phrase has stuck with me for the last two years as I’ve come to a reoccurringly poignant realization that this traffic light metaphor holds more truth than it doesn’t.

I originally set out to create this ominously long book that repeated the rhythm of yellow, red, wait, green, yellow, red, wait, green… which to me had this theme of insanity, especially the thought of actually reading the whole thing. I also enjoyed the theme of text as language vs color as language. There is a symbiotic relationship of the text and the color; both are required to maintain the linearity of the narrative, yet if one rhythm changes, the other remains constant.

The eventual change of words from their colors mimics that of the stroop effect which begins as an experimentation of rhythm but eventually bleeds into a test of the emotional power of the written word. The color narrative keeps the rhythm the same but suddenly the reader is hit with words like “Depression, Dying, Funeral, Betrayal, Shun” which all seem to poke at the reader, attempting to extract deeply rooted emotional responses to words.

As the two stories parallel each other they move into separate planes but return to each other over and over again. The reader is challenged to follow the visual narrative, the temporal narrative, the conceptual narrative, the color narrative, and the textual narrative all at the same time.

The book exists very much as a conceptual piece and can be read in it’s entirety here on issu and purchased/delivered from my blurb page. Enjoy.